Preparing your home for selling

Published On: 21/03/2022

First impressions count for everything when you are preparing your home for sale.  You want your potential buyer to be able to imagine their furniture in your rooms.  If your home is overcrowded with furniture the buyer could have difficulty placing themselves in your home and it suggests your property does not have sufficient space.  

Remove personal touches and any mismatched furniture.  If you need to place belongings in storage this can be very worthwhile.   

Complete any jobs that have been started and not finished. This can be off putting for buyers and it suggests discontentment.  

A spring clean is recommended.  Fresh smells, clean floor and surfaces free of dust suggest that the property is well maintained.  Clean windows inside and out enhance natural light and space.  Remove limescale from the shower or bath, clean shower head and put in place some matching clean towels.  

A house that smells of animals can be potentially off putting for buyers.  Open windows ahead of viewings and ask a family member or friend to look after your pet while you have viewers.  

Remove oil or convector heaters ahead of photographs and viewings as this indicates the house is cold. 

Inspect the outside of your home, gardens and outside space can be very important to buyers.  Check if the guttering needs cleaned and ensure any weeds are pulled.  Mow the lawn and cut back any hedges that could be hiding crucial space.  Plant some inexpensive colourful flowers or hanging baskets.  Place a new and welcoming mat at the front entrance. 

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